The Lasting Value of Small Improvements

the lasting value of small improvements

Five years. That’s how long it’s been since my inspiring wife Kim started her first Etsy shop. Almost to the day, I think.

She didn’t have any big world-domination plans for that first little shop. She just wanted to line her pockets with a little spending cash before the holiday season which is always on her radar way before it’s on mine. She had recently made a few felt hair clips and successfully sold a couple on eBay so when she discovered Etsy it was an easy decision. Here was a site that seemed designed exactly for what she wanted to do. So she did it. [Read More…]


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Endicia, the company that provides the top-notch integrated shipping solution on Etsy, has teamed-up with Etsypreneur.com and EverythingEtsy.com to offer Etsy sellers a free non-usb postage scale and a 90-day free trial of their downloadable shipping … [Read More...]


A Better Story Equals Higher Prices

If you want to charge higher prices, tell a better story.  So says a recent article in the Harvard Business Review which explores the connection between the price buyers are willing to pay for an item and the story (or lack thereof) that goes along … [Read More...]

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