Postage Printing Tips for Endicia Users A few years back, if someone had predicted that I would be writing an article about how to obtain absolute efficiency in the act of printing your own shipping labels, I would have had to wonder.   If the vision also included the fact that I would be emotionally excited about the very same article, I would have had to object. Excited about shipping?  Impossible. Yet it has come to pass. I really am pretty excited about this stuff.  Here's why: Shipping is … [Read More...]

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A Better Story Equals Higher Prices

If you want to charge higher prices, tell a better story.  So says a recent article in the Harvard Business Review which explores the connection between the price buyers are willing to pay for an item … [Read More...]

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the lasting value of small improvements

The Lasting Value of Small Improvements

Five years. That's how long it's been since my inspiring wife Kim started her first Etsy shop. Almost to the day, I think. She didn't have any big world-domination plans for that first little shop. … [Read More...]

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Ten Social Media Action Words To Help You Connect

I read a headline this morning sharing the world-changing news that Real Simple magazine holds the distinction of being the first print magazine to reach 100,000 followers on Pinterest. They say it's … [Read More...]

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Love The Journey1

Love The Journey

Yesterday is history, tomorrow a mystery... but today is a gift; and that's why they call it the present! - Eleanor Roosevelt I woke up way early … [Read More...]

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Shipping With Endicia on Etsy or Off

Endicia, the company that provides the top-notch integrated shipping solution on Etsy, has teamed-up with and to offer Etsy sellers a free non-usb postage scale and … [Read More...]

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Etsy Shop Email Marketing with Craftmonkey and Mailchimp {video}

This video shows a step-by-step guide for getting started with email marketing your Etsy shop using an awesome new app. Craftmonkey integrates with Mailchimp to bring your Etsy shop item photos and … [Read More...]

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The Hidden Danger of The Internet Opportunity

I’ve fallen into and clawed out of one of the most dangerous traps this new world of Internet opportunity we’re all living in has to offer.  I think … [Read More...]


Word-of-Mouth Advertising {How to Get More of it!}

Here's something for you to think about... If your products or service came up in a conversation between two people (neither of which is you), what … [Read More...]


Branding is More Than Your Logo

Search the Internet for information about building a brand and see what you find. Search results can be a little bit comical at times, such as the … [Read More...]


The Beautiful Mix of Business and Art

  A few days ago I wrote a post that departed from my normal tone. I was a little gruff; a little direct. Maybe even a little condescending. … [Read More...]

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