Love The Journey

Love The Journey1

Yesterday is history, tomorrow a mystery… but today is a gift; and that’s why they call it the present! – Eleanor Roosevelt

I woke up way early this morning and had the hardest time falling back to sleep. I had too much on my mind.

We’re putting out a video today or tomorrow that is the second in a series of videos all about Etsy shop marketing. We’re teaching Etsypreneurs all the secrets of online marketing that we’ve learned over the last five or six years and even though we’re weeding out all of the non-essential garbage… the important stuff that’s left is still a major ton of information representing a whole LOT of stuff to do for anyone who decides to “go for it”.

I woke up worrying that by showing all those marketing steps in one place, we might make some viewers just want to give up. It might seem like too much and, if we catch someone at the wrong time, just feel like more than they can ever get done.

“Big Picture” explanations often do that. By their very nature, overview teaching shows a very high level view and if you’ve ever looked out of the window from an airplane at 30,000 feet you know that those high level views show a lot!

But when we look at our business from that level we have to realize the difference between planning our work and working our plan. Planning our work happens in advance so that we can go about things in an order most likely to yield the results we want. We can’t do the entire plan at once, we have to work it! Over time.

Which brings up a favorite saying of my Aunt Lindy.

“Love the Journey!”

It’s her signature. Literally… she closes all communication with this phrase. Birthday card… Love the Journey. Email… Love the Journey. Thank You Note… Love the Journey.  She repeats it over and over and over again and I’m glad she does.

As a creative business owner you have so much to love in the very act of doing anything with your business each day. Look at what you do! To think that there is even a remote possibility that you could make it (or have already made it) into an income producing venture is crazy wonderful! Who can even dream of such things?

Most people don’t get to create much of anything, ever. But you do.

Enjoy that… each day. Love the Journey while working that plan and, if you don’t quit, you’ll find yourself in a place you never dreamed of… and even then you’ll be reminding yourself to live in the present and love the journey!

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Postage Printing Tips for Endicia Users

A few years back, if someone had predicted that I would be writing an article about how to obtain absolute efficiency in the act of printing your own shipping labels, I would have had to wonder.  

If the vision also included the fact that I would be emotionally excited about the very same article, I would have had to object. Excited about shipping?  Impossible.

Yet it has come to pass. I really am pretty excited about this stuff.  Here’s why: Shipping is business.  I’ve always been a fan of business and I’ve always enjoyed anything that made a business run better, faster, smoother, cheaper, or more effectively for the people it serves. For anyone selling online, shipping is a huge opportunity in this area.

Tips For Endicia Shipping Users

1. Get Yourself a Dymo Label Printer

This is the nailgun of printers.  

Let me explain. I grew up in the construction business and spent summers and weekends working on my grandfather’s projects. Back in those early days, we used a cool vintage tool to drive nails into wood.  It was called a “hammer” and it worked just fine. one. nail. at. a. time.

One day Papa shows up on the job with a new tool. An air-compressor powered nail gun. The difference was as immediate as it was drastic. The increase in productivity was insane and we rightly wondered why we hadn’t splurged for that a year or two sooner! It felt great to be working fast and our (not-crushed) fingers still thank us to this day.

I felt that feeling again recently when I started printing shipping labels with the Dymo 4XL Label Printer.  I’m really not exaggerating.  Once it was all set-up, which probably took me thirty minutes, I was shocked by how much better, faster, smoother, cheaper, and more effective this new tool was. Check  out the video.

2. Use the “Test Print” Feature of Endicia

If you’re printing using the Endicia software on your computer, it has a cool feature that I use all the time called “Test Print”.  As you might surmise, this lets you print out any particular shipping label you’re working on without actually having to pay for it.  Any time you change layouts (such as from domestic to international, or from one shop/store to another)  you can run a test print to make sure it’s all lined up and working properly.

3. Take advantage of the ability to nudge labels a little bit this way or that.

When I ran a test print of my previous go-to layout (which already had our shop logo included) on the label printer, it was a little off.  A small part of the top QR code was cut-off on to edge.  Rather than doing a whole new layout, I was able to just nudge the label over a tad right in the Endicia software, resulting in flawless labels.

Overall, the process of using Endicia with the Dymo 4XL Printer has been awesome.  Just like that first air nailer.  See the video to get a better look!

Until March 31st — Click Here to get a free roll of labels and $20.00 off the LabelWriter 4XL shown above. (We checked this and the $20 discount is taken when you go to checkout)

Try Endicia for Free for 90 Days and Get a Free Scale

Even without the label printer, Endicia was already an important part of our process.  Using Endicia we can easily print USPS labels (on any printer, plain paper, or label sheets) and our labels have our shop logo and URL right on them.  Never stop building that brand!

Endicia also works for shipping packages that don’t come through Etsy.  They have a great 90 day free trial offer that also comes with a free digital postage scale.  Hard to beat that!

Required Disclosure: Endicia is a paid sponsor on and (made pretty obvious by the big advertisement in the sidebar). So we do get compensated by the company whose products I’ve promoted here. However, they don’t pay me to fabricate personal emotions of happiness and a feeling of a job well done in our Etsy business, which is what I’ve written about here.

Etsy Shop Email Marketing with Craftmonkey and Mailchimp {video}

This video shows a step-by-step guide for getting started with email marketing your Etsy shop using an awesome new app.

Craftmonkey integrates with Mailchimp to bring your Etsy shop item photos and descriptions and “automagically” creates great looking email newsletters.

This is an in-depth video and I went a little slow on purpose so it would be easy to follow along if you’re not totally comfortable with this type of thing just yet.

If you’re already a web rock-star and you don’t need the slow version, here’s the fast version:

  1. Go to and set-up an account and mailing list
  2. Go to and connect your Mailchimp account.
  3. Follow the simple instructions in Craftmonkey to create an email.
  4. Send
  5. Get sales.
  6. Treat yourself to dinner out!

If you prefer the step-by-step, check out the video:


If you get interrupted and need to get back to a particular spot, here are reference points in the video timeline. You can just drag the little circle thingy on the YouTube player and you’ll see the time changing.

Do what works! (Don’t Listen to the Gurus) 0:35
Thoughts on “unscubscribes” 2:08
Mailchimp “Monkey Rewards 4:20
Seting Up Mailchimp 5:50
Setting Up a List in Mailchimp 10:00
Adding Contacts to your list 11:53
Setting Up Craftmonkey 15:10
“Automagically” creating a a Newsletter from Your Etsy Shop 16:20
Sending Your Newsletter 19:00

Calling YouTube Subscribers!

I know the idea of a big change in online and social is a pain, but… a change is coming down the road. A big shift to video is going to happen and we’d love to have a head start on it with lots of YouTube subscribers! We’re at

Any Questions?

If the video brought up any questions about email marketing, let’s continue the discussion in the comments.

Tim & Kim


How To Put a Pinterest Pin-It Button Next To An Image In WordPress

Pinterest is, beyond any doubt, the next big thing. You can bring in surprising traffic to your blog when an image gets pinned from your site.

The best way to help that happen is by putting a Pinterest “Pin-It” button right next to the image. Not at the bottom of the post, right next to the image you want to promote.

This video shows you how to do just that!

Note: I’m not sure I love this format where I type instead of talk, but I was trying something new. You’ll be able to read the smaller text parts better in full screen. I can answer any questions in the comments here or at YouTube.

Basic Etsy Shop SEO Video

Learn the basic and simple steps that you should take to make sure that your Etsy Shop is optimized for search engines.

Previously posted on and related to this post:

Using Keyword Research to Improve Etsy Sales

10 Reasons You Should Be Posting Videos on YouTube


I just finished creating a YouTube video for the new about page here at Etsypreneur.

I can tell you for certain that I have way more than ten reasons NOT to post that video. Mostly they have to do with silly insecurites like “Did I smile enough?”, “Is it a little blurry?”, “Should I wear a hat?”, etc., etc., etc.

If you’ve ever made a video for the Internet, you probably know exactly what I’m talking about.

We both need to get over it and just do this! Videos, especially on YouTube, have the power to help your business in a big big way!

Here’s Ten Reasons You Want to Be on YouTube

1. Videos create a connection -

One of these days someone is going to need or want what you sell. Or they’ll need the kind of information you provide. Or they’ll be looking to support a cause that you champion every day.

When that happens, you want them to think “I know someone who does that, I saw a video on YouTube…”

Videos create a personal connection with viewers. It’s just about as close to “getting to know” someone as you can get online.

The more videos you create, the more times your followers will see you and hear your voice. The better they will know you.

This is one reason you shouldn’t work too hard or worry too much about looking and sounding perfect. People want to connect with the real you!

2. Videos are trustworthy -

ImageLife has shown us all that it’s much easier to guage the trustworthiness of another person by looking them in the eye and hearing them speak. I want to be trusted, don’t you?

No matter what your goals are, you probably wouldn’t bother with a blog, website, Etsy shop, or YouTube video if there wasn’t something you want people to do.

  • Buy your items
  • Support your cause
  • Subscribe to your blog
  • etc.

We follow and support people we know, like, and trust. Videos help build that rapport.

3. Videos convey a ton of information -

Besides the fact that most of us can talk faster than we can write, videos convey so much more than the spoken word.

Tutorial videos showing some aspect of your craft express copius amounts of information. The way you hold the scissors, the type of thread you use, the particular way you twist a wire.

Even without you speaking a single word, videos can be very useful communication tools.

4. Videos are a B-I-G part of the future -

I keep up with most of my Internet content through email subscriptions. The other day, this headline came across my inbox:

181 Million Americans Watched 40 Billion Online Videos in January

40 Billion!? That’s such a big number that I can’t really even comprehend it.

(that’s the truth with most of the Internet, including Etsy sales…it’s big numbers and just a tiny fraction is all you need!)

The list of top sites included VEVO. Have you heard of VEVO? Check it out. It’s a music site that is clearly targeted to a younger audience. Which brings up my next point.

5. Videos reach a wider audience -

The demographics are clear. Younger people watch more videos.

So building a video library starting now is something you’ll be ultra-glad you did ten years from now. Trust me.

But videos, especially how-to videos, aren’t just for the twenty-somethings. Older demographics are quick to use tools such as video search and YouTube search when they (we) want to know how to do something.

People are realizing that they can learn ANYTHING online. You want to be the one to teach them!

6. Videos show your products -

You don’t have to “push” your products to push your products. We did a video for Kim’s felt shop that teaches simple embroidery stitches.

It really doesn’t say anything about her felt or really about her or her shop at all. It just shows a couple of stitches that may, to a veteran crafter, seem so simple as to not be worth teaching. Sort of like me making a video entitled “How to hit a nail with a hammer.”

But that video has been seen over 4000 times and we’ve never promoted it at all! (Embroidery Stitch How-To Video)

7. YouTube is ginormous -

YouTube is third in overall Internet traffic. Second only to Facebook and Google. If you publish a video elsewhere there should be a really good reason.

Since it is so large and the selection of videos is so vast, people from all over the world go directly to YouTube in search of information.

Additionally, most YouTube videos include related videos at the end. This gives your video a chance to be seen by millions of people.

Speaking of millions of people…

8. YouTube builds strong communities -

I came across a guy the other day with over 2 million subscribers to his YouTube Channel! He had over 800 million views of his videos.

YouTube has recently revamped the channel page. Check out ours here:

Everything Etsy TV on YouTube

We really haven’t done much with this yet, but you can bet we will! I hope you go subscribe. But the point is just how prominent the subscribe button is on the page.


Google (owns YouTube) knows how big video is going and they’re focusing heavily on the subscription nature of video channels to help people keep track of what they really want to watch on YouTube.

Start building a community now and you’ll be so glad you did.

9. Videos are great sources of traffic -

So I’ll admit this: I’m not always “on my game.” Sometimes I’m just going through the motions. You too? That’s ok. Just don’t quit.

When I am on my game, however, I create videos with lots of references to the website and lots of links displayed on the screen. Videos without any indication of where your website is can get you subscribers, but it won’t get you traffic.

Include links to your blog or Etsy shop to get traffic from videos.


Huge traffic opportunity: Pinterest Did you know videos can be pinned? Big traffic there.

10. Videos can be monetized -

Google AdSense is able to be integrated with your YouTube account. Don’t get too excited because it won’t pay much for most videos.

However, should you strike gold and something go viral, you could pocket a decent bit of extra income. (Like I would know…hasn’t happened to us…yet!)

Coming up soon…

I’m going to put my money where my mouth is on this video thing. I really think it’s a big part of the future of online. I think the combination of a strong blog and strong a strong YouTube channel can give an Etsy seller a major advantage. So I’m going to create some video posts based on some of the best business posts on and see where it leads.

How to make videos! – I know that one of the things that has really held us up on this front is the technical challenges of creating a good video. I’ll share some of the tools we use and recommend and give you some pointers from our experience so far.

What questions have I brought up in your mind? What’s keeping you from doing videos? Or, if you are doing them, how are they working and what tools are you using? I’d love to hear in the comments!

– Tim

YouTube Image Source

Everything Etsy University Video – Intro To Link Building

Intro To Link Building For Etsy Shop SEO from Everything Etsy on Vimeo.

While it may not be the most exciting part of selling online, search engine optimization (SEO) is worth some time and effort if you’re looking to go full-time one day.  This video talks about the basics of link-building which is an integral part of a complete SEO plan.

If it seems like too much, take heart because times are changing.  As search engines get more sophisticated they rely much more heavily on social signals such as Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.  So don’t feel like you can’t get anywhere without tons of links.

That said, every site that gets tons of traffic, has tons of links.  So the video is worth a look-see.

Learn Basic SEO for Etsy

This is an in-depth demonstration and the video lasts 22 minutes.  But the tips could prove to be very valuable to you in the long-run, so if you have questions about how to optimize your site for search engines, you’ll love it.

Everything Etsy University – Basic Etsy Shop SEO from Everything Etsy on Vimeo.

For more information, check out the post from last year that spells out the details of keyword research.

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