Choose Your Channel

Like all world class writers, my ideas sometimes come to me in my dreams. ;-)

This morning, I woke up with a vision in my head of a title, unfortunately I could only remember half of it. But that half was pretty interesting so I decided to run with it.

Choose Your Channel.

2012facebookiconIt occurs to me when I look at where I am in life and then I look at the vast social media circus that exists, that there is a problem.

You can’t possibly have the time to do all of these things well.

2012googleplusiconAnd, since like building is the new link building , doing things well is more important than doing things in bulk.

In other words, pick your favorite social media channels and stick with them.

2012twittericon My favorite, so far, is blogging. I’m just not so great at being “a man of few words”, so your average social media ‘blurb’ gives me more trouble than a 500-600 word blog post would.

Anyone who has seen my techy how-to wordpressy videos knows that brevity isn’t my strong suit. (understatement…working on it)

And blogging is social media as long as a conversation is going. Thanks to you, there always is one.

But you may really prefer another channel. You might love YouTube (if so, you should really run with that!). You might have Facebook totally dialed-in and clicking for you. Or you might have mastered the art of Tweeting like nobody else.

My thought for the day is that, while I don’t think you can “ignore” the other channels, I do think that you can choose your favorite channel , get immersed in it, and therein find your real voice.

Your “real voice”, the one that brings your inner passion to the surface, is the one that will propel you to success online.

Choose your channel. Find your voice. Then grow from there.

It’s no hurry.



  1. says

    Good post, & good idea. Especially since it sometimes feels like there is a new, “must use” site every week.

    An additional thought: don’t forget that once you’ve picked a favorite (or two…), it’s pretty easy to effortlessly share the information from one channel across others via third party services/apps (e.g., Tweetdeck), and via easy internal linkages built into the sites (e.g., sharing Pinterest pins on Twitter).

    Happy Friday!

    • Tim Layton says

      Hi Lisa,

      Thanks so much for adding that additional information. That would have been a good thing to include in the post, so I’m glad you’re getting it in the comments!

      For those who want to research those further, here are a couple of links:

      Hootsuite is a great Social Media Client:

      Tweetdeck is also good:

      I prefer Hootsuite because it’s web-based and therefore works on any device with web access. ipad, laptop, desktop, etc.

      Kim has a post on Everything Etsy about how she uses Twitter (she’s approaching 20K followers I think):

      Thanks for adding valuable insight to the post Lisa.


  2. says

    Good post – this is something I find myself discussing a lot. Working in the arts, I’ve seen so many examples of organizations just jumping onto every social media bandwagon because they think they *should* rather than because its an appropriate tool for them. Not everyone seems to have grasped the fact that these different platforms should be used in different ways in order to be most effective, and yes, that takes time! There’s nothing that frustrates me more than, for example, a twitter feed which is always just an automatic repost of a FB status. For my part, whether I’m wearing my Arts Consultant hat, Entrepreneur hat or Dog Rescue hat, I’ve found that blogging and a bit of steady facebooking is a good fit for me but I have no use (currently) for twitter.

    • Tim Layton says

      Daisy, you make a very good point when you mention the problem with “auto-replicated” content. It is usually obvious. We’re about to try (it’s not easy) to remove Everything Etsy from the Facebook App “Networked Blogs” because it clearly gets less engagement from our Facebook audience. They can tell when we’ve actually said a few words on FB rather than have it automatic.

      I also think it’s important to note that my concept was to “start” with one or two platforms until you really get your legs under you, then expand. I don’t think anyone who is trying to make a living online can afford to permanently neglect any major platform. You have to move to where the audience is to stay in-touch.

      Thanks for your thoughts on this!


  3. says

    Totally agree with your comments! I love a good read and to write a bit so I tend to gravitate towards blogging as my main ‘channel’ I like to Tweet as well but I’m always running out of characters, so that probably tells me I should be blogging.

    I’ve just got the hang of Facebook (well, enough to get by anyway!) so I’ll keep that up.

    If a new Social Network becomes popular I’ll just have to cut down on sleeping time!

    Linda xx

    • Tim Layton says

      Hi Linda,

      You ain’t kiddin’ about the sleeping time. I was up til after 3am yesterday! I hope it didn’t show in my email this morning! That new social network is Google+ and I think Pinterest is going to become more “social” in terms of comments and communities very soon, like yesterday!

      Thanks for adding your voice to the conversation! Love the picture of your cat!


  4. says

    I enjoyed the article as well, I was just telling a friend of mine that I would love to have another 4 hours a day, but then need the energy to go along with it! It’s a good point about spreading yourself too thin, thanks for the reminder!

  5. says

    You are so right Tim. I am ‘virtually’ cross-eyed most days because I, perhaps misguidedly, believe it would be a mistake to miss an opportunity for spreading the news of Hide A Heart! Thank you for this great suggestion!

    • Tim Layton says

      Hi Bonnie,

      I’ve heard lots of good things about Google+. I’ve always been so busy building our sites and writing, that I never really got into the personal side of social media. (I have like 73 friends on FB!)

      I think I’m going to give it a try personally on Google+.

      I’ll have to come see your G+ page to learn how it’s done!


  6. says

    It’s funny….. but I just talked about your wonderful blog today on my own blog! lol. I’m on Twitter sometimes but mostly use Facebook and Blogging. Look forward to your blogs. Thank you !

    • Tim Layton says

      Hi Marilyn,

      I just visited your blog to see! Thanks for the great mention of our sites.

      It’s funny how you often hear people say they clearly prefer Facebook or Twitter. It’s rare to find someone who likes them both.

      Thanks for your comment.