Etsy in The Rose Garden?, New Etsy Delivery Times, and Etsypreneurs in the South {Etsy News Roundup}


Craft Shows at the White House? It’s happening in the UK!

This is an exciting story to read! The British equivalent of the US White House is located at No. 10 Downing Street and referred to by brits simply as No. 10.

This article from The Guardian tells the story of the British craft revival and a display at the Prime Minister’s residence. Check it out!

Etsy Sellers Concerned over New Estimated Delivery Time Feature

This article reports the usual mixed feedback from Etsy sellers when Etsy announces changes of any sort.

Overall, I think the idea of estimated shipping dates is going to be a good thing for the more serious/professional Etsy sellers.

If you’re interested in joining the prototype, it’s open to all sellers. More info here.

For Etsy entrepreneurs, Internet offers creative outlet

“Etsy entrepreneurs”… hey, that’s an Etsypreneur! A mainstream newspaper article from Jackson, MS, this is one of those reads that help you feel good about selling on Etsy.

Not much new information for current Etsy sellers but it does beg this question:

What kind of exposure might you be able to get in local press if you try?

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  1. says

    Really interesting article in forums about shipping/transit times. I did go ahead and offer my 2 cents, for what it’s worth. Most of the time, I feel like shipping (USPS) is so beyond our control. . .even with express which is crazy expensive, if it’s out of the country it’s basically a crap-shoot. I’ve had things take 3-4 weeks to arrive in Australia, when I was told at the stations 7-10 days. . . good thing I never promised a customer that! I like to provide as much info as I can, but the caveat being I am going by what I am told as well: 7-10 days vs. 4 weeks.

    • Tim Layton says

      Hi Tricia!
      We’ve run into the same thing with Australia and other International shipments, but Australia specifically seems to take a long time. I can see the benefit of the idea in that it makes Etsy more comfortable to newcomers who have never purchased from Etsy. But it does sound like a challenge.

      I need to take the time to really read through the forum threads on this to learn more. If you hear any news on it, let me know!

      Have a great weekend.


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