Etsy Shop Email Marketing with Craftmonkey and Mailchimp {video}

This video shows a step-by-step guide for getting started with email marketing your Etsy shop using an awesome new app.

Craftmonkey integrates with Mailchimp to bring your Etsy shop item photos and descriptions and “automagically” creates great looking email newsletters.

This is an in-depth video and I went a little slow on purpose so it would be easy to follow along if you’re not totally comfortable with this type of thing just yet.

If you’re already a web rock-star and you don’t need the slow version, here’s the fast version:

  1. Go to and set-up an account and mailing list
  2. Go to and connect your Mailchimp account.
  3. Follow the simple instructions in Craftmonkey to create an email.
  4. Send
  5. Get sales.
  6. Treat yourself to dinner out!

If you prefer the step-by-step, check out the video:


If you get interrupted and need to get back to a particular spot, here are reference points in the video timeline. You can just drag the little circle thingy on the YouTube player and you’ll see the time changing.

Do what works! (Don’t Listen to the Gurus) 0:35
Thoughts on “unscubscribes” 2:08
Mailchimp “Monkey Rewards 4:20
Seting Up Mailchimp 5:50
Setting Up a List in Mailchimp 10:00
Adding Contacts to your list 11:53
Setting Up Craftmonkey 15:10
“Automagically” creating a a Newsletter from Your Etsy Shop 16:20
Sending Your Newsletter 19:00

Calling YouTube Subscribers!

I know the idea of a big change in online and social is a pain, but… a change is coming down the road. A big shift to video is going to happen and we’d love to have a head start on it with lots of YouTube subscribers! We’re at

Any Questions?

If the video brought up any questions about email marketing, let’s continue the discussion in the comments.

Tim & Kim



  1. says

    This looks very promising! I’ve always found the Etsy app within MailChimp to be a little clunky so I’m excited to try this out. Thanks!

  2. says

    Hi Tim – thanks for the nice post! I’m glad you are finding Craftmonkey useful, we really wanted to make it easy for crafters to help use email marketing to sell their products.

    I did note your feedback from the video about adding the list count number, great suggestion. We’re also going to be adding a few more (simple) template designs in upcoming weeks, and are thinking about a WYSIWYG editor for things like adding bold text, links etc. We’re a pretty small shop but we want to do want we can to make Craftmonkey even better! Thanks again for the great review and for helping spread the word.

    twitter: @hiCraftmonkey

    • Tim Layton says

      Hi Michelle,

      Thanks for commenting on this. It means a lot to hear from the developer of an app like this!

      I’m glad my input was useful and I think the idea of a WYSIWYG editor is a great idea. Let me know when you get some new templates going and I’ll come check them out.

      Thanks for creating and providing a great app to the community.

      Tim & Kim

  3. says

    Hi Tim,

    This is the first I have time I have been to your website. I am so impressed with this video I love the step by step instructions I really need it…lol! I will definitely be a regular follower from now on.


    • Tim Layton says

      G’day Leanne!

      I’m so glad to see you here all the way from Australia! I wish I could thank you for your comment in person! We love your country and hope to spend more time there one day. (been once in 2004)

      I’m glad the video was helpful. I think the Craftmonkey app is pretty useful and I know they plan to improve it.