Learn Basic SEO for Etsy

This is an in-depth demonstration and the video lasts 22 minutes.  But the tips could prove to be very valuable to you in the long-run, so if you have questions about how to optimize your site for search engines, you’ll love it.

Everything Etsy University – Basic Etsy Shop SEO from Everything Etsy on Vimeo.

For more information, check out the post from last year that spells out the details of keyword research.


  1. That was so helpful. You really took your time and made the points very clearly. i will be looking at adwords next listing!!

  2. I can’t wait to put this into practice. I’ve already changed the name of a few of my items. Going to devote some time to get my entire store fixed using good search words

  3. Thanks so much. You made SEO so much easier to understand. I’m off to see what I can change right now!

  4. This is great. You guys are fun AND I actually feel like I understand the basics of SEO. Looking forward to learning more from you two.

    No website yet but you guys are inspiring me. :-)

  5. So glad so many enjoyed the video! We’ll do more soon.

  6. Thank you so much for putting this together! It was so easy to understand and will really help me out!

  7. Tim and Kim, Thank you so much for this helpful video tutorial. Just excellent! I’ve spent the better part of the morning improving Hide A Heart listing titles and then searching terms to see where it is placed on the Google page. Wow! The difference is amazing. Looking forward to the next tutorial.
    Hide A Heart

  8. That was incredibly helpful! Thank you so much! :)

  9. hi tim and kim – thank you for posting such a great video. SEO always seemed so intimidating to me but your video was very easy to understand. this was very helpful!

  10. Thank you! Very valuable……

  11. I watched this video last night and thank Tim and Kim for ptting it into layman’s terms. I finally get it.

  12. I watched this video last night and thank Tim and Kim for putting it into layman’s terms. I finally get it.

  13. Thank you so much. This is just what I needed to move me up on google search. The tips were great and hope to have others in the future.

  14. Great information packed into 22 minutes!

  15. Wow! That is such great information for a grandma who is trying to learn how to work the internet for her shop. Thank you.

  16. Thank you so much! I’ve been needing a refresher course and obviously forgot everything I was taught. I so appreciate you doing all you do! -Jessica

  17. That was helpful! Especially the blog tips.

  18. Thank you so much for this helpful video! It just goes to show that how we market and describe our items is as important as the quality of the items themselves!


  19. Kim and Tim, you are so awesome I just wanted to thank you for taking time to always help Etsy sellers and this video was extreemly helpful. I was making changes to my listing titles as I was watching this video!! Please do more of these, they really help!! Thanks, Cory

  20. So helpful. Thank you! I already knew a bit about SEO, but you still gave me some pointers I will use in my shop. I like how you presented everything. Very clear.

  21. Awesome video presentation..so much to learn..
    and u guys are FUN!

  22. Thank you so much! This is so helpful for not only my etsy shop but my art portfolio website and my ebay shop!

  23. victoria says:

    Great tutorial! The banter’s fun too :)

  24. Finally just watched this… Thanks I needed the refresher!

  25. {gah} this was exactly what i was looking for!

  26. Thanks, good post.

  27. very helpful

    thank you

  28. Thank you for all the information on seo.

  29. I share this link repeatedly in the Etsy forums – I hope you don’t mind! You guys do a really great job of explaining what can be a very confusing topic. Thanks!

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