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    I can’t wait to put this into practice. I’ve already changed the name of a few of my items. Going to devote some time to get my entire store fixed using good search words

  2. Leslie says

    This is great. You guys are fun AND I actually feel like I understand the basics of SEO. Looking forward to learning more from you two.

    No website yet but you guys are inspiring me. :-)

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    Tim and Kim, Thank you so much for this helpful video tutorial. Just excellent! I’ve spent the better part of the morning improving Hide A Heart listing titles and then searching terms to see where it is placed on the Google page. Wow! The difference is amazing. Looking forward to the next tutorial.
    Hide A Heart

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    hi tim and kim – thank you for posting such a great video. SEO always seemed so intimidating to me but your video was very easy to understand. this was very helpful!

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    Thank you so much. This is just what I needed to move me up on google search. The tips were great and hope to have others in the future.

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    Kim and Tim, you are so awesome I just wanted to thank you for taking time to always help Etsy sellers and this video was extreemly helpful. I was making changes to my listing titles as I was watching this video!! Please do more of these, they really help!! Thanks, Cory

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    So helpful. Thank you! I already knew a bit about SEO, but you still gave me some pointers I will use in my shop. I like how you presented everything. Very clear.

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    I share this link repeatedly in the Etsy forums – I hope you don’t mind! You guys do a really great job of explaining what can be a very confusing topic. Thanks!