New Facebook Timeline Pages {Video}

All Facebook pages are updating to the new “timeline” page layout by the end of the month. This video, produced by Facebook, offers a few helpful hints and tips.

If you’ve already upgraded your Facebook page, leave a link to it in the comments so we can go get inspiration and ideas from what you’ve done!

So how do you like the new Facebook layout? Good? Bad? Who cares?


  1. says

    Thanks for posting this video.
    I have the new timeline on my facebook page:
    … but I don’t feel like I’ve totally gotten the hang of it yet. It seems difficult to keep track of where customers are posting and commenting, but I’m sure I’ll get used to it!

  2. Jane - Jacaranda Designs says

    I really like the new timeline. I set mine up the day it became available and have noticed quite an increase in FB traffic and comments. I still have work to do on it, but so far, so good!

  3. says

    Great Facebook video. I just pinned it and added the link to my Google+ page which then links through to Facebook and Twitter pages. That way I can do one promo and it saves time because what I have posted is automatically posted to FB and Twitter without me having to travel to the 3 social sites. Love the inter-connectiveness.

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  4. says

    Now that we were all forced to switch, I guess I have to say it’s not so bad… It’s much more visually appealing of course! I just miss the app that allowed you to showcase your Etsy shop directly on your page, and set it as your landing tab ): Has anyone found a good replacement?!?