Postage Printing Tips for Endicia Users

A few years back, if someone had predicted that I would be writing an article about how to obtain absolute efficiency in the act of printing your own shipping labels, I would have had to wonder.

If the vision also included the fact that I would be emotionally excited about the very same article, I would have had to object. Excited about shipping?  Impossible.

Yet it has come to pass. I really am pretty excited about this stuff.  Here’s why: Shipping is business.  I’ve always been a fan of business and I’ve always enjoyed anything that made a business run better, faster, smoother, cheaper, or more effectively for the people it serves. For anyone selling online, shipping is a huge opportunity in this area.

Tips For Endicia Shipping Users

1. Get Yourself a Dymo Label Printer

This is the nailgun of printers.

Let me explain. I grew up in the construction business and spent summers and weekends working on my grandfather’s projects. Back in those early days, we used a cool vintage tool to drive nails into wood.  It was called a “hammer” and it worked just fine. one. nail. at. a. time.

One day Papa shows up on the job with a new tool. An air-compressor powered nail gun. The difference was as immediate as it was drastic. The increase in productivity was insane and we rightly wondered why we hadn’t splurged for that a year or two sooner! It felt great to be working fast and our (not-crushed) fingers still thank us to this day.

I felt that feeling again recently when I started printing shipping labels with the Dymo 4XL Label Printer.  I’m really not exaggerating.  Once it was all set-up, which probably took me thirty minutes, I was shocked by how much better, faster, smoother, cheaper, and more effective this new tool was. Check  out the video.

2. Use the “Test Print” Feature of Endicia

If you’re printing using the Endicia software on your computer, it has a cool feature that I use all the time called “Test Print”.  As you might surmise, this lets you print out any particular shipping label you’re working on without actually having to pay for it.  Any time you change layouts (such as from domestic to international, or from one shop/store to another)  you can run a test print to make sure it’s all lined up and working properly.

3. Take advantage of the ability to nudge labels a little bit this way or that.

When I ran a test print of my previous go-to layout (which already had our shop logo included) on the label printer, it was a little off.  A small part of the top QR code was cut-off on to edge.  Rather than doing a whole new layout, I was able to just nudge the label over a tad right in the Endicia software, resulting in flawless labels.

Overall, the process of using Endicia with the Dymo 4XL Printer has been awesome.  Just like that first air nailer.  See the video to get a better look!

Until March 31st — Click Here to get a free roll of labels and $20.00 off the LabelWriter 4XL shown above. (We checked this and the $20 discount is taken when you go to checkout)

Try Endicia for Free for 90 Days and Get a Free Scale

Even without the label printer, Endicia was already an important part of our process.  Using Endicia we can easily print USPS labels (on any printer, plain paper, or label sheets) and our labels have our shop logo and URL right on them.  Never stop building that brand!

Endicia also works for shipping packages that don’t come through Etsy.  They have a great 90 day free trial offer that also comes with a free digital postage scale.  Hard to beat that!

Required Disclosure: Endicia is a paid sponsor on and (made pretty obvious by the big advertisement in the sidebar). So we do get compensated by the company whose products I’ve promoted here. However, they don’t pay me to fabricate personal emotions of happiness and a feeling of a job well done in our Etsy business, which is what I’ve written about here.