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Endicia, the company that provides the top-notch integrated shipping solution on Etsy, has teamed-up with and to offer Etsy sellers a free non-usb postage scale and a 90-day free trial of their downloadable shipping software for businesses of all sizes (even individual use). The Endicia software offers convenience and flexibility as well as the ability to put your own logo on your postage labels. See the video below for more details or click here for the special offer.

Last Minute Filers Scramble On Tax DayLong time readers of Etsypreneur and know that we used to be big fans of using for printing all of our shipping labels, tracking packages, etc. We loved it because of the time we saved not going to the post office and the money we saved by getting the best business rate postage discounts.

But a few months back (almost a year now I think), Etsy unveiled an integrated shipping solution that changed the game for lots of Etsy sellers. What was previously a multi-step process became a matter of just a couple of clicks. We were impressed and obviously pleased with the simplicity. The trips to the post office were still (mostly) a thing of the past and we were still getting the discounted shipping rates and tracking was still super-easy and often free.

Unfortunately, the Etsy integrated shipping isn’t all most people need. For most Etsy sellers, not every single package shipped is an Etsy sale. Some sell on other venues, some sell direct from their own website, and almost everyone has other general shipping needs from time-to-time. The Etsy solution only works for Etsy sales.

The other problem we ran into with the Etsy integrated shipping was the billing arrangement. Postage costs are added to your Etsy bill, which we don’t love because it’s “after the fact” and it’s kind of lumped with other Etsy fees in one payment, making accounting a bit less precise. Also, if you happen to be shipping enough packages, you have to make a payment every time your balance hits $100.00, inclusive of shipping and Etsy fees. For some Etsy sellers, these little issues are a small price to pay for the convenience of printing postage directly from the Etsy dashboard (which the video demonstrates is VERY easy), but for us, we were still left with the need for an additional tool for printing postage.

The Etsy integrated version of Endicia is convenient but has a few drawbacks
The Etsy integrated version of Endicia is convenient but has a few drawbacks

Endicia, who is the company behind the Etsy shipping product, has been in the postage printing business since the beginning and has solutions for businesses who ship thousands of packages every day all the way down to a free product, Dymo Stamps, for printing your personal postage stamps. The Endicia product we’ve been using for a few months now, Endicia Premium, takes care of all of our additional postage printing needs, keeps our bill separate, and even gives us the ability to print our own logo and business branding right on the label!

As an exclusive offer to the and community, Endicia is offering a free non-usb (non-exclusive) 5lb postage scale and a 90 day free trial of the software. I’ve been on the phone with them and I’ve read the special offer page they’ve set-up just for us and I don’t see any catch.  Endicia just feels strongly that you’ll find the product useful enough to keep using it. Even after you start paying for it 90 days from now, it’s only $15.95 per month for the version we use, which is easily justified if you can avoid only a couple of trips to the post office.

Endicia is offering a free scale and 90 days free to Etsypreneur and readers
Endicia is offering a free scale and 90 days free to Etsypreneur and readers

The special offer is available at this link:

Take a look at the video. We’re not talking about super-exciting stuff with printing postage here, so don’t make popcorn and you might not want to watch it when you’re sleepy, but the video does what I was trying to accomplish: introduce the product and company, demonstrate the software and compare it to the Etsy version, and point you toward a great offer from Endicia.

The Endicia Software is easy to use - the video demonstrates printing a label
The Endicia Software is easy to use – the video demonstrates printing a label

As for Kim and I, we no longer use primarily because of the customization offered by the Endicia software, which we’ve only just begun to explore. We currently use “Dazzle” (the Endicia software) for about half of our shipping and take the super-easy Etsy integrated shipping for the other half. Once I get my act together and set-up the shipping labels to print with our logo, we’ll probably switch to Dazzle for 100% of our shipping.

Questions from the video:

The video demonstrates the software, which is really quite simple to use in the “quick print” mode. In the video, I mention a couple of possible questions and promised to answer them in the blog post… so here those are.

1. Send an Email to Customer – The Dazzle software has the option to send your customer an email telling them you’ve shipped the product. (Etsy does this automatically which can be a pain if you’re not planning on actually sending the same day you’re printing postage). I ran into a problem with putting an email in this box because the software then tries to use the email client on your computer to send the email. In the days before webmail, this would have worked for everyone because everyone sent email through their own computer such as Outlook, Outlook Express, or Mail (Mac). However, if you use GMail, Yahoo, Hotmail,, or any other web-based email service your computer’s email client may not be even set-up. If that’s the case, just leave that box blank.

2. Partial Weights in Postage Calculations - The scale will provide you with a decimal weight, such as 3.4 ounces. But when you go to select a weight in the software it only offers whole number choices, so you have to pick. In the case of 3.4oz, you have to go with 4, not 3. Postage is calculated on a “not to exceed” weight basis. So the rate for 3.1oz is not the 3oz rate, it’s the 4oz rate. Make sense? Just round-up and you’ll always be right and you won’t pay a penny more than you should.

Endicia has software available for both Mac and PC, so hit that link above and check it out.  It seems like a great offer with nothing to lose by trying it out.

If you have any questions, I’ll do what I can to answer them in the comments.

~ Tim


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    This certainly seems like a solution that anyone could easily integrate into their business, and with the offer it’s certainly worth giving it a go. Anything that increases the profit margin in these tough economic times is most welcome. I also love the fact a logo can be added.

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    Is Endicia integrated with Etsy so that you don’t have to copy and paste like you had to with I was trying to figure out what the advantage was of using over It seems both allow stealth postage and both allow integration of a logo on the shipping label. Although the fee is minimal, is more economical. Can you please tell me why you feel is the better solution? I’m truly interested.